Tuesday, April 29, 2014

God Never Ceases to Surprise

Remember my writing that I had been put on antidepressants? Well the other part to compliment the drugs was for me to go to counseling.
Today was my second appointment. And so far, I really like my counselor! She herself is a breast cancer survivor. So she can relate really well with what I'm going through. She encourages Keith to join in our sessions, because she wants to make sure he's still handling everything ok. She made the comment, "after all, you are a team".
But the thing I love the most about this counselor is that she is a strong Christian! At the end of our session today she asked if she could pray for us, and with us. Of course I said yes! So, right then and there, she stopped, bowed her head and prayed for us!
Isn't God just full of surprises!?
My non-believing doctor and his staff picked this counselor out for me. They picked her because she is a cancer survivor.
How blessed am I? A cancer survivor and a Christian! I'm pretty happy right now :)