Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Motivation Problem

For over a month now I have been feeling severely unmotivated. Depressingly, so... After about 3 weeks I told my doctor how I was feeling. His solution, Ritalin.
(Apparently, in cancer patients it has a strong effect on motivation.)

So how goes it? Well I've been on it for a week and some days I'm rearing to go. But days, like today, I'm back to zero motivation. Now it could be partially weather related. (It is 10 below zero outside) but that only explains the things that require going out of doors. It doesn't explain my not wanting to clean or play.

I was considering calling my doctor when they beat me to it! I talked with the head nurse, explaining all my sleeping habits and medicine habits. After all that was gone over, she suggested staying on the Ritalin for one more week. If I don't see any results, then they'll consider upping my dose.

I'm not really sure how I feel about that. However, I have come to realize that anything that can help motivate me out of this slump is worth it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Baby on the Brain

I'm sure you all remember when I posted the really downer news that my doctors said I'll most likely never have any more kids.
That devastated me...

As treatments continued, I learned that eggs could be frozen for future use. I felt totally jipped. Why hadn't they told me about that before starting treatments? I would have jumped at the chance!! Having kids has been so important to me! My whole life, I've dreamed of hearing 4 pairs of little feet running around my house.

Well now that I'm  98% clear of my cancer, after a little less than a year, I wonder if that option is open to me again. It's something I strongly feel asking my doctor about.

As I've said before, why would God give this dream to me, and also the same to my loving husband, only to take it away?

God knows my hopes and dreams, and I trust Him with them. Even so, I ask that you all pay with me that somehow my dream of more kids will be realized!
Thank you all! Love you! God bless :)