Saturday, September 5, 2015

The head bone is connected to the neck bone

About a year ago the bone in my lower jaw started showing through my gums. This was a result of the bone treatments I received for my cancer. ( needles to say, they stopped administering it when this happened) Without my knowing it slowly became infected. I didn't find this out til about 3 months ago. I was put on medicine and told that it cleared up. Another month later it was back. This time not only infecting my gums but my left back molar as well.
Last month that molar became so bad, in spite of medications that I had to undergo surgery to have it removed. They put me under anesthesia and did their best to cover the bone that was showing as well as pull the tooth.
I awoke to hear that everything had gone as planned. But that they found an infection in my bones. They connected me with infectious diseases and had me make an appointment.
I was given the choice to a) drive to the office everyday and receive a treatment through my port for a month. Or, b) get clearance from insurance to administer the drug myself at home for a month.
Obviously, I chose option b. They sent it through insurance, who, thank God, cleared it. The next day, which was yesterday, I went in and was shown how to give myself the iv meds.
I'm so blessed that my hubby is able to help me and take care of Johnny while I get treatment. I'm truly blessed! It's going to be a long month, and I'm praying that I have no side effects.
Thank you everyone for standing with me and helping me through this. :) I apologize for not keeping you all updated like I used too. I've been very busy with my 3 year old who is now potty trained! One of the many events that have kept me really busy!
By the way, I see my doctor and receive tests every three months now! So I'm definitely headed in the right direction!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Unfinished Dreams

Before I was married I was in college going for my associates and nursing degrees. I was 2 classes from completing my associates when I became pregnant and told to hold off on taking them. My counselor was worried that the chemicals used in physiology and anatomy 2 and microbiology would be bad for the baby. So I waited...

During that time of waiting I got married and moved to Wisconsin. My son was born and we moved into our first home. All thoughts of going back to college were put on the back burner. We just didn't have enough money for child care. Plus, my husband was also in graduate school. We just couldn't support childcare and both of is in college at the same time. It just want possible. So I put my dreams of being a nurse on hold and took on the roll off stay at home mom. And I have to say, I've been truly blessed and I love it!

About a year and a half a go, I went to a college that's maybe 20 minutes from my home just to talk to a counselor about returning to school. It turned out that I met a lot of the requirements for classes. I was down to a year of classes and clinicals for my RN degree. In fact I could start clinical right away! I went home so excited and filled with purpose. But once again the issue of child care reared its ugly head. Again my dream was put aside.

Right on the heels of that, I was diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer which had metastasized to my brain and bones. Now not only could I not continue my RN degree, but my husband couldn't finish his master's. Yet again my dream was pushed back. But this time it seemed like it would never happen.

Sitting here today, I will admit that I still feel like it never will come to fruition. Yet the dream still burns strongly inside me! Everyday I have to remind myself that God gives us the desires of our hearts. And that there is still time for my dream to come true. I just need to trust, pray, and believe.