Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Joy's of Being Pampered

I'm 29 and up until a few days ago I've never had a Manicure/pedicure. How I managed to go so long without succumbing to this time old ritual, I have no idea. So what prompted me to get one recently? Well, I've heard that they feel fantastic, for one. For 2, I felt like being adventurous and trying something new. People are constantly telling me that I should take some time to pamper myself. I figured what better way to accomplish all that than by getting a mani/pedi .
So, I asked my husbands boss if she could recommend a place. I called the recommended salon up and made my appointment! I waited excitedly for the day to arrive. I was excited to see what all the fuss what about, because all I've ever heard is how wonderful they are. The day finally arrived and I felt a thrill of excitement go through me as I typed in the address to my GPS. I arrived right on time. Walking through the door of the salon, I was impressed. I expected it to smell like nail polish. But instead it smelled of lotions and perfumes. I sat on an overly stuffed chair sipping a glass of water when the lady came to take me for my pedicure. I'm sure you all know what goes on during one, so I won't bore you with the details. Let's just say, I enjoyed it a lot! Next were the finger nails. The lady cut them and shaped them. Painted them and then told me to let them dry. I asked how long and she gave an indifferent reply. I sat there at the table alone in the room, staring at my nails... Finally, I couldn't stand the waiting any longer and I made my way to the receptionist. I paid, what I felt, was an outrageous amount of money. All they did was massage my feet and hands and paint my nails!
I went out to my car. Got inside. Put my seatbelt on. And in doing so, I ruined on of my nails! I hadn't even left the parking lot and I had ruined my manicure!
This is what I concluded: mani/Pedi's are really nice for special occasions. But ridiculous to get on a regular basis. I thoroughly enjoyed being pampered, but I would rather spend $6 bucks on nail polish and paint my own nails, than shell out that kind of cash for something that doesn't even last.